IE8 slow to load web pages

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IE8 slow to load web pages

Postby famousCrispyDuck » Tue 03 Aug, 2010 10:31 am

For quite some time I've suffered an intermittent page loading issue with IE8, which is really frustrating and a bit like watching paint dry.

I use TalkTalk and assumed it was a latency issue with them as my download speeds remained high at all times, although I must say they have been a pretty good provider overall.

Switching preferred and alternate DNS Servers to Google on / made no difference whatsoever and trying Chrome and Firefox only showed a 40% improvement, which sort of convinced me that the problem was with TalkTalk with IE8 having it's two-pennyworth in the background.

After a hell of a lot of Googling, where most of the suggestions offered were quite predictable and useless, I came across Ed Bott's Windows Expertise site. Although he was initially very skeptical about the suggested fix, and can still offer no real explanation as to why it should work, I thought I'd give it a go as it's non-damaging.

Basically it's just a case of re-registering a DLL and it works for me. Average page load times are now well under a second, where they used to hover between eight and ten seconds.

If any Mumblers have the same issue it's worth a try -

Run "cmd" as Admin and at the command line prompt enter "regsvr32 actxprxy.dll", without the quotes and hit return.

Reboot and bingo.
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