PL points for Round 20 : 2017, Abu Dhabi

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PL points for Round 20 : 2017, Abu Dhabi

Postby Stoozie » Thu 07 Dec, 2017 11:34 pm


Round 20
Abu Dhabi
24 - 26 Nov

Points awarded in following categories:
- CP: Correct Position points
- AP: Positional (correct & incorrect placing) points
- GP: Grid position points
- LR: Fastest Lap, First Retirement & Last Man Home points
- CB: Combination bonuses (Winner,Pole,Fastest Lap & Full Podium, Sequence Run, First Ret & Last Man)
- JP: Jeopardy points

1: Plutoman. . . . . . (OLD) :: CP[27] AP[30] GP[5] LR[0] CB[0] JP[0] = Race score 62
2: Faccombe Hall. . . . (OLD) :: CP[10] AP[27] GP[5] LR[0] CB[0] JP[0] = Race score 42
3: Stoozie. . . . . . . (OLD) :: CP[12] AP[24] GP[0] LR[0] CB[0] JP[0] = Race score 36
4: RedPoole. . . . . . (OLD) :: CP[0] AP[24] GP[0] LR[0] CB[0] JP[0] = Race score 24
5: NewMrMe. . . . . . . (NEW) :: CP[0] AP[18] GP[0] LR[0] CB[0] JP[0] = Race score 18

Guys, big apologies for the delay. I was out of the country and then when I got back I got sidelined into working late on some projects with fast looming deadlines.

Anyway, Facc didn't close the gap enough, only nibbling away at it in the last couple of races. The gap was only 38 points which isn't much over the run of 20 races so it was a worthy chase to the end. Ploots won the race again and that contributed to the only league change at the final flag. NewMrMe bravely did the right thing and searched for a more unusual race result but Abu actually gave us a very dull race instead. NMM had actually lead the league for a short while earlier in the season so he has my sympathies.

So where do we go from here? Bypassing the lake, are there any plans to continue elsewhere? How long before this board implodes?

It's been an honour to run this league for the last few seasons, and my thanks to those who've participated (and put up with my late postings!). It's been emotional!


1 [1] Stoozie. . . . . . . TOTAL 1391 (36)
2 [2] Faccombe Hall. . . . TOTAL 1353 (42)
3 [3] RedPoole. . . . . . TOTAL 1274 (24)
4 [5] Plutoman. . . . . . TOTAL 1249 (62)
5 [4] NewMrMe. . . . . . . TOTAL 1228 (18)
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Re: PL points for Round 20 : 2017, Abu Dhabi

Postby NewMrMe » Sat 09 Dec, 2017 3:40 pm

I had to do something different so went for a race where neither Merc or Vettel finished.

Thanks for organising the game Stoozie. :clap)
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Re: PL points for Round 20 : 2017, Abu Dhabi

Postby plutoman » Sun 10 Dec, 2017 1:26 pm

Thanks again Stoozie for running the show. Not sure how I did so badly this year; it's not as if it was particularly unpredictable, but I managed to get it wrong most of the time.
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Re: PL points for Round 20 : 2017, Abu Dhabi

Postby FACCOMBE HALL » Sun 10 Dec, 2017 8:07 pm

Ah well, 2nd place.

I've managed to fathom out why it wasn't 1st. Getting too many things wrong played a big part.
(From the "no "expletive" Sherlock" department).

Thanks for all the late nights trying to come up with predictions that looked half sensible.

Well done to a worthy champion and thanks for all the hard work you put into it. :clap) :clap) :clap)
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Re: PL points for Round 20 : 2017, Abu Dhabi

Postby RedPoole » Sun 10 Dec, 2017 8:26 pm

Thanks Stoozie, and congratulations on the win. I don't think there has been any decisions on how we could take these forward. I think FP had paid for another year so imagine the site will be up for most of next season. I guess FB or email might be ways of continuing going forward if there is enough interest.
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