Prediction League 2018!!

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Prediction League 2018!!

Postby Stoozie » Thu 22 Mar, 2018 8:41 pm

Just in case it has passed everyone by, I will be running the PL again. Same procedure as last year!

Same entry format, same scoring system, no further revisions!

Facc and NewMrMe have already PM'd me in hope that it's running, thanks guys, truly touched, haha...

Any questions then please ask.... Looking forward to more entries. Same entry deadline as before, entries/changes allowable up to the start of qualifying at whatever GMT/BST equivalent that is. So get them in before you go to bed on Friday night unless you're getting up extra extra early. Clocks forward on Saturday night too, whoop de do, I love losing an hour of sleep...

Here is a cut and paste from last March if you can't remember the last rule update:

The rules are the same as before, except for a new rule, more below.

You need to supply the top 10 finishers in the order you expect, the pole sitter and the next driver on the front row, the driver of fastest lap, and the first driver to retire, and finally the last man home.

You can use this as a template for your entry if you want. It is the layout that I use for entries into the spreadsheet.



OK, new rule. Well a new way to score a few extra points.

If you get the first three (podium) in order you get an extra 10 points, but up until now you weren't rewarded for getting any other sequences of your prediction in the correct order. In the past if there were two entries where one team got 6 places correct but randomly correct and another, say, got their 6 correct places in sequence order then the second entry wouldn't score more for a better prediction. I hope you've followed that, clear as mud, I know...

So I am going to award extra points for getting other sequences in order beyond just the first three. Getting the podium correct already means you're getting bundles of points and the podium perhaps is easier to pick than, say, getting places 8, 9 and 10 in the correct order.

So there will be an increasing scale for an increasing run of correct places in sequence. Any 3 in a row will get you an extra three points. I will drop the podium bonus to 7 points so that the combined "Podium 3" and "Any 3" still adds to usual 10. Then the points will increase as follows: 4=5pts, 5=7pts 6=9pts 7=11pts 8=14pts 9=17pts 10=20pts.

I think historically the longest correct run I've seen was either 5 or 6. But I have seen sometimes two runs of 4 correct within an entry. In that case the entry would gain two times 5, so 10 points. Or if one sequence included the podium (first four correct) then that would be 7 + 5 + 5 = 17 points.

If you got the first 4 correct then it would be 7 + 5, so 12pts. Podium and a later run of 4 correct would be 7 + 3 + 5 = 15pts, and so on...

What steered me to add this is that there have been times when two entries get identical scores but one of the entries had that extra edge of accuracy without getting a benefit in the score. I think that needed an extra reward. I doubt we'll ever see the high end of the potential points ever being awarded but there will often be lots of extra small points added.

I hope that this makes sense. You still get 10 points for the correct podium (7 plus 3) but now any run of correct positions from 3 upwards also gets a bonus.
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Re: Prediction League 2018!!

Postby Stoozie » Thu 22 Mar, 2018 10:46 pm

Now including new extra Ploots for added brilliance!

That just leaves RedPoole for the same line up as last year...

Anyone else? KG, Monza?
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Re: Prediction League 2018!!

Postby Stoozie » Sat 24 Mar, 2018 12:00 am

And my PL starting entry is...

P1: Max Verstappen
P2: Sebastian Vettel
P3: Valtieri Bottas
P4: Lewis Hamilton
P5: Daniel Ricciardo
P6: Kimi Räikkönen
P7: Fernando Alonso
P8: Carlos Sainz jnr
P9: Nico Hulkenberg
P10: Stoffel Vandoorne

Pole: Lewis Hamilton
PRup: Max Verstappen
FLap: Sebastian Vettel
FRet: Kevin Magnussen
LMHo: Pierre Gasly
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