Last Of The Angry Men Passes Away

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Last Of The Angry Men Passes Away

Postby Ally McCoist » Tue 25 Dec, 2012 2:01 pm

Juror Number 5 apparently.But I only saw him in that great film later. It was as Quincy ME I knew him first.I loved that show when I was young.Didn't worry about the invisible corpses.Or the fact Quincy spent most of his time doing the police's job for them rather than his own.Or the fact Quincy seemd to have a new dolly bird every week, despite not being the most handsome and his job not exactly lending itself to great chat up lines. His son put it very well -"He had a great life and he enjoyed every moment of it and he would encourage others to do the same." RIP Jack.

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Re: Last Of The Angry Men Passes Away

Postby AlesiFan » Tue 01 Jan, 2013 11:18 am

Dear me missed this story during the festivities (hic). Thing I always remember thinking about Quincy even though I was very young was why does nobody ever tell him to expletive off and mind his own business? :lol)

Loved the show though. RIP Jack.
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