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Postby Daniel » Tue 23 Oct, 2007 9:53 pm

RedPoole wrote:I vote for Hooky's charity, pains me to see animals in trouble, I saw a badger at the side of the road earlier this year and i was nearly in tears.

Good work Mito :D

Now theres a thought... in honour of TBR, why not donate it to an animal charity involving badgers. (:
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Postby Alexander Lyons » Tue 23 Oct, 2007 10:23 pm

That Mito is such a great gesture, a true gent.

My nomination for the donation would be to Childline,

because they are the front line for children who have or who are currently suffering from many types of abuse,

they actually are able to help first hand,

they rarely advertise to keep the costs down unlike the NSPCC who are compelled to sent you free pens in the post and spend mililons on the full stop campain, who are very much reactive rather than proactive like Childline.

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