Aussie V8s - Farce of 2016 Contender

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Aussie V8s - Farce of 2016 Contender

Postby NewMrMe » Sun 06 Mar, 2016 5:40 pm

Formula 1 has some competition this year in the farcical race caused by a stupid rule stakes.

The Australian V8 Supercar race at Adelaide (the old F1 circuit) was stopped after 49 of the scheduled 78 laps because of torrential rain and not restarted. The problematic rule is one stating that all cars must take on at least 140 litres of fuel during pit stops over the course of the race. Failing to do so results in a 30 second penalty. As the race was only just over half distance, drivers would not have done so at this point.

The last few laps were run behind the safety car, so the entire race came down to whether or not to gamble on the race being stopped and pitting for the requisite amount of fuel.
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Re: Aussie V8s - Farce of 2016 Contender

Postby plutoman » Tue 08 Mar, 2016 11:36 am

Sounds like nearly as much fun as the 2002 Surfer's Paradise Champcar race, which Mario Dominguez won. He started last, pitted early and was thus in an ideal position after 30 laps behind the safety car to take the lead when everyone else had to pit for fuel just before they stopped the race.
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