The end of an era...

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The end of an era...

Postby Murray Walker » Wed 03 Feb, 2016 12:48 pm

The Land Rover Defender has emerged from the company's Solihull factory for 68 years, which means that in car years, it roughly predates the invention of the wheel. But like the wheel, the Defender has aged remarkably well (better than, say, singer Steven Tyler, also born in 1948). The proto-Landie has aged so well, in fact, that many people with passionate opinions on the subject and a willingness to share those opinions in public (car writers, that is) have wondered aloud, and often, why the Defender couldn't slog on for another 68 years in its present form — maybe with a better radio. Well, it couldn't, for a variety of legitimate reasons — safety standards, emissions standards, the usual. That's the bad news. The good news (we hope) is that Land Rover has promised to deliver a new, kinder, gentler Defender. With a better radio....

Nearly 70 years production run and they never did work out how to make it reliable :whistle: Still a sad day though.
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