PL points for Round 21 : 2018, Abu Dhabi

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PL points for Round 21 : 2018, Abu Dhabi

Postby Stoozie » Wed 28 Nov, 2018 2:21 pm


Round 21
Abu Dhabi
23 - 25 Nov

Points awarded in following categories:
- CP: Correct Position points
- AP: Positional (correct & incorrect placing) points
- GP: Grid position points
- LR: Fastest Lap, First Retirement & Last Man Home points
- CB: Combination bonuses (Winner,Pole,Fastest Lap & Full Podium, Sequence Run, First Ret & Last Man)
- JP: Jeopardy points

So here we are, the final results of the final(?) Predictions League on Mumblings.

Faccombe won the final race with Ploots not too far behind, I was a little further back in third.

No one submitted any final changes to their teams for Abu and perhaps that was because they felt the gaps were too wide to make any final difference. That held true as the final order to the league was unaltered from the previous race. In fact the order hasn't changed since Germany! Plutoman came close as recently as Japan when he was a single point behind but the gap then widened out again.

Many thanks to everyone for taking part and playing the league over many seasons. Are there any ideas of where we head off to from here? If we do not "see" each other again may I say it's been a honour to have run the league for you all and best of luck to you all.

1: Faccombe Hall. . . . (OLD) :: CP[43] AP[27] GP[20] LR[10] CB[5] JP[0] = Race score 105
2: Plutoman. . . . . . (OLD) :: CP[45] AP[30] GP[20] LR[0] CB[5] JP[0] = Race score 100
3: Stoozie. . . . . . . (OLD) :: CP[43] AP[27] GP[10] LR[0] CB[5] JP[0] = Race score 85
4: RedPoole. . . . . . (OLD) :: CP[12] AP[24] GP[0] LR[10] CB[0] JP[0] = Race score 46
5: NewMrMe. . . . . . . (OLD) :: CP[4] AP[24] GP[0] LR[0] CB[0] JP[0] = Race score 28


1 [1] Stoozie. . . . . . . TOTAL 1347 (85)
2 [2] Plutoman. . . . . . TOTAL 1293 (100)
3 [3] RedPoole. . . . . . TOTAL 1127 (46)
4 [4] NewMrMe. . . . . . . TOTAL 1052 (28)
5 [5] Faccombe Hall. . . . TOTAL 977 (105)
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Re: PL points for Round 21 : 2018, Abu Dhabi

Postby plutoman » Wed 28 Nov, 2018 8:36 pm

Thanks Stooz for running the league again; and a curse on you for pipping me at the post (not for the first time!).

No idea where we go from here ...
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Re: PL points for Round 21 : 2018, Abu Dhabi

Postby NewMrMe » Wed 28 Nov, 2018 8:49 pm

Thanks for running the predictions league Stoozie.
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Re: PL points for Round 21 : 2018, Abu Dhabi

Postby FACCOMBE HALL » Wed 28 Nov, 2018 8:56 pm

Could have easily won this. Just needed another 15 races. :whistle:

Thanks for all the work you put in and the magnificent trophy for keeping the score below 1000. :D
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Re: PL points for Round 21 : 2018, Abu Dhabi

Postby RedPoole » Wed 28 Nov, 2018 11:34 pm

Ah 3rd in PL and FL, nothing like consistency! Many thanks for another season Stoozie and to everyone else who took part.

I don't really have any suggestions on where we could head to next. I'm no longer on FB and other than the BBC is don't tend to follow F1 anywhere else. Perhaps email would be an option? I will check back here occasionally in the Spring and see if the site is still going and if so if there is going to be a 2019 season to take part in.

If this is to be the end then a big thank you to Stoozie for the PL and NewMrMe for all the hard work over the past decade running these and to everyone else for the contributions during that time.
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